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Are you on the #noweekchallenge and want to help bring other women on the same journey? Are you passionate about spreading the word about the same movement that has changed your life, and can now do the same for others? We’re seeking Weight Management Revolution Ambassadors from around the globe!


To create a revolutionary change, we need a revolutionary team of ambassadors who are ready to take on the world in true Weight Management Revolution spirit! We are recruiting near and far, above and beyond for Change Makers around the globe.

We see you gorgeous – and we know that you want to be the change that the world is seeking! We are calling on the women that have taken the plunge to change their lives, the ‘Change Makers’, and that’s exactly what you are! This is YOUR time to be apart of something that is revolutionary!

Are you the change? Are you ready to be apart of producing a global change when it comes to the way we look at health and exercise, and the importance SELF LOVE has on the two? To spread this amazing mission, it will take more than just a few ambassadors – we know it will take MANY. Ambassadors are empowered; loving, body positive women – is this YOU?

The Weight Management Revolution is what the fitness and weight loss industries have been begging for. Finally finding the missing link, we want to hear from YOU and what you can bring to being the change! If you think you can band together with like-minded women, who celebrate their bodies at every phase of the journey, and want to move forward in the life long journey of health and fitness, you may want to consider becoming a Change Maker for REAL! Here’s how…

“Weight Management Revolution has changed not only my life, but the women around me. No more calorie restriction, no more excessive thoughts about weight loss, no more dieting. Just pure love for my mind, body and purpose. Change Makers are taking over the world with their self-love. Being an ambassador allows me to use my passion and take it next level with helping women around the globe see the true beauty and strength they hold.”

– Kayla Daly

What is Weight Management Revolution Ambassador Program?

The Weight Management Revolution Ambassador Program is a worldwide community of self-loving women that want to be the change that’s needed in the fitness and weight loss industries. They share the same vision that the Weight Management Revolution does, and through seeing their own results – want to help women around the world do the same. Our Change Makers hold so much value to us, and the image that we want to create for the world to see. Taking it that next step, and spreading the word in your local communities, the more lives we will impact!

You will work to create a community vision for Weight Management Revolution, through connecting with other Ambassadors, as well as Emma herself! This could include local events in your town, a larger than life social media presence, and seeking out potential Change Makers (who wouldn’t want to be one), to join the Weight Management Revolution! Most importantly – have enough love for yourself in order to transpire that onto the Change Makers around you! In order to help others become the best they can be, we need to be the best we possibly can be!

Ready to become a Weight Management Revolution Ambassador?

Does this sound like you? Are you the change? We want you on board beautiful! As always, there are a few requirements. But not to worry, if you are as passionate as we are – we are sure you will be well on your way to being an Ambassador!

  • Hold the same vision that Weight Management Revolution does in the change of the fitness and weight loss industries.
  • Want to help others make the same change in their lives that you did!
  • Have an active social media presence – to have every upmost oppourtunity to use #noweekchallenge 😉
  • Are willing to hold events and connect with other women in your community.
  • Are willing to connect with other ambassadors to stay up to date with everything Weight Management Revolution!
Weight Management Revolution Ambassador Incentives

Being a part of the global change that Weight Management Revolution and the #noweekchallenge brings is reason enough to be a part of the ambassador program. The tremendous feeling that you will gain from spreading the vision we believe in is next level. But if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got more for you girl!

  • Entry into the private Weight Management Revolution Ambassador Facebook group – where you can connect and share ideas exclusively with other global ambassadors.
    Regular face-to-face video hook-ups and one on one communication with Weight Management Revolution founder Emma L Baker
  • Regular competitions for Ambassadors
  • Inspiration page on the Weight Management Revolution website – A Revolution page for you to share your thoughts, your impact and the love you have brought to others!
  • Snapchat takeovers – have the oppourtunity to take over Weight Management Revolution’s official Snapchat account for the day!
  • Discounts and special rates on Weight Management Revolution webinars and seminars / official Weight Management Revolution & #noweekchallenge merchandise

You know what to do Change Maker! Click that little button below to express your interest, fill out and complete the questionnaire, and wait to hear back from us! Whilst we wish we could accept everyone as an Ambassador, the decision is solely down to the Weight Management Revolution team. We can’t wait to hear back from you beautiful!

WMR Application Form

To become a WMR Ambassador, please fill out and submit the form below. We will then contact you to discuss the ambassador program further.

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