Emma’s Story – The Journey

Emma’s Story – The Journey

It all started so young, I remember being only 15 and my body image issues started. I would tell myself that I was big boned. That I was overweight and I had no idea that the relationship I had with myself at that age would have been so pivotal to what I became – fast forward 3 years, my mindset worsened, the way I looked at myself got worse and all of a sudden…

“Two years ago, I looked at a picture of myself and realised that what I saw, wasn’t what I believed I was.”
– Emma Baker

I was 120kg, exhausted from overeating and emotionally drained. I was sleeping through my lunch breaks, over eating to the point of being sick and tired of feeling sad with my own reflection. I always had a strong internal drive to do better, but confused on where to start – so when I got myself a trainer, I devoted all of my time and energy into being successful at my weight loss goals.

I had multiple coaches throughout my weight loss journey that would put me on a strict no-carb diet for 6 days, with one day off (my ‘cheat’ day). Feeling tired, stressed and deprived for 6 days, when day 7 came around, I always felt the need to “make the most of the only day I could eat whatever I craved.” Over time, I was stuck in a cycle of binging, excessive dieting and guilt. At the time I didn’t know how much it crippled my life.

Over time I successfully lost 60kg, although I had lost all of the weight I still didn’t feel confident, and I constantly felt the need to achieve more. I didn’t realise what results I had achieved, or the eating disorders that I had inherited along the way.

I got so sick of what I was doing to my body, I was confused and hurt with what was going on – I was completely lost. I decided to take a step back from chasing my physical goals, and instead decided to focus on my psychology and mindset. This turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

Overtime, I realised everything that I had learnt, and all of the feelings I felt towards myself, could be changed if I learnt new habits. After months of starting my mindset journey, I found the Certificate IV in Weight Management and created the “weight management revolution” movement. From there everything fell into place. I came to the realisation that this is what is missing and that I would do EVERYTHING within my power to put it back into the health and fitness industry.

Now, I am healthier, and happier than ever and so passionate about sharing what I have learnt to help others. I finally have permission to live again, I fuel my body for health, and I am at the psychological and physical best I have ever been. I now live to show other’s that there is another way. You do NOT have to live for a constant chase for your physical image – YET you can still achieve every result you wish for.

I have connected not only with hundreds of women that have changed their lives and are now on the weight management revolution mission with me, but I have also connected with some of the industry’s best, of all different professions. To impact, in a way that is most necessary.

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