Storm Higgins


I came across Weight Management Revolution group whilst on Facebook. Emma had encouraged a girl to join their face book group, as she was having issues with self-confidence, yo-yo dieting problems & a lack of self-love. Funny enough I too was having the same issues. I immediately joined the group and started to read the posts of these beautiful women. I felt safe, loved & inspired.

So, I decided to make a post, sharing all my deepest darkest secrets that I too have battled in regards to my weight. I had a lot of anxiety writing this post, but I felt I sense of relief once I clicked post. I received nothing but love & support from the Weight Management Revolution Team & their members. Since then Emma has helped me work on how I treat myself & the way I see food & life! I now attend the weekly girl catch-ups (HIGHLY RECOMMEND), check-in with Emma on a regular basis & working towards a goal that I never thought I would achieve.

I am training to compete in a bikini competition. This is something that I have battled to achieve due to my relationship with food & having a negative mindset. I am glad that I am part of the Weight Management Revolution Team, continue to be inspired & improve myself and help others to love & believe in themselves.

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