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I am thrilled and so excited that Weight Management Revolution is finally available to women all over the world! In 2009 I began my own journey when I started training at a local gym and lost 40 lbs, but have spent the years since then being more unhappy, unfulfilled and insecure about my body than even before I lost the weight. I had thought that if I weighed less, was more fit, had the “perfect” sculpted arms and flat stomach THEN I’d finally be happy and my life could really start…. but after years of frustration, un-fulfillment and unhappiness, it finally hit me that what I was seeking had nothing to do with my body, but I was desperately wanting to feel better, feel good about myself and feel that I was living a life of love, passion and purpose.

I realized that I did and was continuing to do the work on the outside in the gym and counting calories, but I never took the time to look at what was going on inside, and that was exactly what was going to be the real game changer for me. Earlier this year, after a really difficult break-up and feeling worse than ever about myself, I decided I had enough. I knew I was ready to make some serious changes and I was so ready to learn how to love myself for the first time in 33 years!

I signed up for a 6 month personal development program which has literally changed my entire life. I’ve worked on my self-awareness, language, body-image, self-love, confidence, facing my fears, not hiding anymore from being my true authentic self, living a healthy active lifestyle, having a healthy relationship with food, and truly BEING the person that I want to BE.

I truly believe that the combination of mindset, fitness and nutrition along with having a wonderful community for support and accountability are the keys to living a healthy, happy and fulfilled life each day, not just for a few weeks or months, but forever! I am beyond excited and grateful to be part of this WMR journey and cannot wait to watch the world become a much more conscious, self-loving, healthy, happy and positive place for this generation of women, their families and the generations to come!

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