Slowing Down – Why You Need to Listen to Your Body

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Life can get so busy sometimes. Our stress from work turns into stress at home, and a day of stress can turn into a month of anxiety before we know it if we don’t slow down. Our minds want to constantly keep going, even if our body is telling us to take a step back to look after ourselves.

Throughout my life I have felt stress in many areas. I started feeling tired and lethargic, I started to lose concentration at work, and I started to make excuses for not putting my health first. When my stress turned into anxiety, I knew that I had to listen, and know that slowing down was the right way forward – even if it was only for a little bit to get back onto my feet emotionally.

I made it my priority to make sure that I put my mental health, and my body first. As should you. Feeling 100% in your mind, body and purpose is always first priority.

Why slowing down is something to be embraced, not feared: 

  • It’s healthy!

Slowing down actually helps us to choose the right options for food. It allows us to consciously stop and think about what is best for us and our bodies!

  • Improved mental clarity

Through allowing our mind to slow down, it enables us to really think about the task we are completing, or a situation that is happening around us. When our minds are clear, it helps to guide us in the right direction.

  • You will find you have more time to enjoy life

When a healthy dose of social interaction is needed to help with stress, you know that slowing down can’t be a bad thing! On your days away from your hectic work schedule, freeing up your calendar to spend time on yourself and your loved ones is something that will help you feel better.

  • You will form a better relationship with yourself

Through slowing down, you will find that the relationship that you have with yourself will grow. You will be able to immerse yourself into finding who you are, and what it is that you want to achieve in life.

  • You will find more gratitude for life

You will start to find beauty in the little things. As you start reducing stress, you will eventually free up time to start enjoying life for all that it is – beautiful!

5 things you can start doing today to slow down: 

  • Vent to someone that you trust – this could be a family member, a close friend, or a medical professional.
  • Schedule in “me” time – and I mean really schedule it in! Write it in your planner and make a point of making it a reality. Make sure it’s a priority, just like putting fuel in your car, you need to refuel your body and mind.
  • Turn off your phone and read a book or go for a walk outside in the fresh air – seriously.
  • Learn to say “no” – create boundaries for what you can take on in your life at that current moment. If work is getting to stressful, talk to your supervisor about how you’re feeling with your work load. If you get to the weekend and feel like you want to have ‘me’ time, it’s okay to say no to your friends.
  • Take time to meditate and breathe – meditation is the most commonly used form of relaxation. There are plenty of phone or tablet apps that allow you to start!

Find out what works best for you to slow down. Make it a necessity. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

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