Your Internal Guide to Your External Goal – Coming Soon

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Excerpt from the new Weight Management Revolution course, Your Internal Guide to Your External Goal!  

Losing the labels –

This subject may help you, a lot. This helped me so much and it was a small change of direction within my mind but it allowed me to not be capped with what my body was calling for.

There are so many diets and ways to fuel the body… here is an example of a label and why I feel like it had a lot to do with me falling down… (keep in mind there are thousands of diets (labels) within the industry and all can be very powerful (WITHOUT the label) therefore – knowing if it is right for you.

My body thrives off of protein – it loves when I eat protein and it doesn’t necessarily feel the best on a high carb diet… in fact I feel horrible when I personally eat too many carbs. I lead my life predominantly eating high protein, which would result in me going “keto”. There are so many times I fell off the “band wagon” when I was in my restrictive mindset because I had the label. The minute I ate too many carbs or had anything outside of what the diet looks like was the minute I would binge or feel guilt/ failure. I would look for something else to try because I had rules on myself within the process and knowing that I had broken them had meant to me that I needed a new drawing board of rules that may work for me.

Now – with my new view on my journey… my new perspective on what I was doing I never allow myself to be lead under any labels – the process and guides aren’t what was wrong for me it was the way I looked at it. I lead my life using tips and tricks from everything I had learnt within them but never cap myself at any point. I know that within my process and within the days of the month my body needs more so or less so then a plan. I know that everyday is different and I know that if I have something outside of anything and without a label being there… I will move forward, always. I can follow the guide – have guidance from my nutrition coach but not say I’m “on a meal plan” I’m just… eating for what my body needs most… If I have a day where my body is called for something slightly different and I don’t have a label… I continue forward. It is the most freeing position to be in because anything that has a drawing board with no leniency made me personally feel capped, feel stuck and feel made to be not what my internal health needed.

Mindset + definitive action = desired result.

Life is happening right now. Every month, Every day, minute, makes up for living. To reach ultimate fulfilment takes self care, conscious effort of loving yourself and the process. I waited for so long to gain a “feeling “ that never came… this was because I wasn’t putting effort into feeling it. To achieve goals physically you need to nourish your body internally. To achieve goals mentally you need to nourish your body. To achieve any outcome – we need to feel good and that comes from predominantly the 3 brains – mind, gut and heart.

Your Internal Guide to your External Goal is coming so soon! We are so excited for you to make this a part of your forever progression!

–  Emma L Baker

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    WOW!!!! I can’t wait to delve into this next module.

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