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One of Weight Management Revolution’s beautiful ambassadors, gave her insight on what she’s learnt on mindset, perception, gratitude and self-love throughout her journey. We love the way she has put her own spin on all of these topics – and want to share it in hopes it can help and inspire more women in the #noweekchallenge and around the world! 


Your mindset is the way your brain has been trained to perceive things. As you’ve grown from a baby, to a child, to a teenager, to an adult, your mindset will have grown too.  My mum influenced my mindset and what I thought of certain things and situations. Social media influenced my mindset too; it gave me unrealistic standards of what I thought my life should look like.

Activity – What are three people, things or events that have influenced your mindset and how you perceive things?


To understand something is to perceive it. Because there is more than one way to understand things – some people learn by watching, others learn best by doing – you’ll find that people perceive things differently. Like our mindset, our perception can be influenced by friends, family and events. Certain events in your life will change your mindset and your perception, so will certain people.

Growing up, I would have loved an older sister or to share a room with someone. My best friend had an older sister and got to share a room with her, and she hated it! I couldn’t understand why she didn’t like sharing a room with her sister, but my idea of what sharing a room with your sister would be like was very far from the reality!

Activity – write down two ways that these situations could be perceived (and think of what could influence people to perceive things these way) 

Example – a child falling off a horse.

Perception 1 – this is so embarrassing, I never want to horse ride again. I’m so bad at this.

Perception 2 – how did that happen? At least I can learn for next time what went wrong so this doesn’t happen again. It hurts, but I can learn from it.

Influences – The attitude of a child’s parents would be very important here! Some parents encourage kids to ‘get back up, you’re alright’ and some parents also really coddle children and don’t teach them resilience. The attitude of a riding instructor could encourage a child to try again, where as other children could make fun of the child which would make the child not want to try again.

Situation: not fitting into your normal size clothes.

Perception 1 –

Perception 2 –

(Hint: not everyone wants to lose weight!)

Situation: it’s raining.

Perception 1 –

Perception 2 –

(Hint: my grandad was a farmer and he told me to never complain about rain, there would always be someone praying for it)

Situation: not doing as well as you wanted in an event

Perception 1 –

Perception 2 –

(Hint: learn from your mistakes to improve for next time!)

So with perception 1 and 2, you might find that they’re opposites. Hopefully this exercise has shown you how people might see a situation differently – there’s no right or wrong way to perceive a situation, just different ways.

You could probably even label them ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ views, and depending on how you answered you may see a common theme of gratefulness in your positive perceptions.


No matter what it is, be grateful.

‘Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift.’ – Mary Oliver.

I didn’t understand that quote at first. It wasn’t until I was given my own box of darkness that I understood. Until you receive your own box of darkness, you might not understand either. I went through about 3 years of darkness, it was awful and honestly I didn’t think I would survive. But I did. And living through that awful time, while it WAS hard, it has taught me that I am strong, that I am resilient, that I can get through anything.

I’ve had things happen since and even though they were shitty things to happen to me and I wished they hadn’t happened… they had. I couldn’t change that. I could only change how I reacted now.

What are some good things that could come out of a break up? And what are some aspects of a break up that could make someone upset?

There’s answers to both of those questions, so what ones will you focus on? What will you pour your energy into?

It’s hard, but be grateful for that shitty time. Be grateful for all the things you learn about yourself when your boyfriend breaks up with you. Be grateful for the challenges and the opportunity to prove yourself.

BEING SELFISH (in the right way)

Let’s get selfish. I love being selfish. Look at every single thing and say ‘what can you do for me?’ This is where you look at a problem not as something that is going to break you, but something that’s going to challenge you to be be best. Think of the feeling when you succeed. And if you don’t succeed? What will you learn for next time? So even if you didn’t win, you will learn.

Every friendship – what are you getting out of it? Does this friend make you feel good about yourself? Does this friend inspire you to achieve more and be the best you can be? Or does this friend bring you down, does this friend take more than they give? If all they do is take, you can learn a lesson here. It’s okay to walk away from people that don’t make you feel good about yourself. Just because someone has been in your life for a long time, it doesn’t mean they have the best intentions for you.

Every person, every event, every interaction – what is in this for me? What can I learn from this? How can I use this to better me?

Selfish isn’t actually a bad thing to be, if you’re being selfish for the right reasons. People often think of being selfish as something that is to the detriment of others. Here, we are being selfish to improve ourselves – analysing our relationships and situations WILL NOT HURT ANYONE, it will only benefit our mental health, our situational awareness.

It is so important to realise you can still put yourself first and be kind to others!

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