The Pursuit of Happiness – Create the Relationships you Desire.

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Creation seems like a tricky word when it comes to relationships. To me – it felt foreign. There is so much truth in the word creation when it comes to life and the way we live it.

We can have beautiful relationships full of love – and personally, they are the only ones that I allow in my life.

I found that within my journey the more I grew as a person, the more I worked on myself. The more I made effort to become the best version of who I am able to be, the more I became triggered or nudged when the people around me were negative. I started to notice things that I hadn’t before and it started to scare me – a lot! It all got to be too overwhelming. I was scared my life would change too much, too quickly.

I noticed that the feelings within me as I was changing were amazing, I was progressing. I was becoming more confident, I was feeling good within myself. Yet why did my environment feel foreign?

I realised that if I was feeling good it meant that I didn’t need to change my journey for myself, but I instead had to dig deep as to why everything felt different. I realised it was because my perception of the world was changing. I noticed that my perception of myself was changing. I noticed that I was feeling amazing, therefore I was holding myself accountable to stay true to myself and stay confident in my path.

I realised that I didn’t need to change my path. My friends would be everything they are in my life if they were meant to. I started to really be switched on when it came to my feelings around friends – (if I was resisting and making excuses as to why I couldn’t show up, not feeling my best when I left them, not having conversations that continued to make me my best me, not doing things that would fill my cup) then I was to change the situation. I needed to learn what was good for me as I move through the transition of my forever growth. I needed to lead this life feeling empowered and learning what it means to be my true self. Therefore, impacting the world around me and allowing anyone in my life to be there true self.

The more I was to be someone I am not – the more I was surrounding myself with people that were not who they are. If I was to stay me ALWAYS I was going to attract everyone in my life that was meant to be there. That were speaking to me with honesty, that were real!

If it was family or a work relationship that I was not able to move from, I was going to change the way I saw it, feeling proud of myself. Feeling love for them and where they are at in their journey. Feeling that no matter WHAT if I give love and distance at times, I am not doing anything that is not true to me. I realised that no matter what, the thoughts and words I give – I feel.

Life is so beautiful when we realise the ability we have to be able to stay true to who we really are.

To feel love, to give love, to be love.

Through this transition I learnt what it meant to feel my best, internally. I learnt what real friends were and I learnt what it meant to be a real friend. I learnt that the journey is far more scary when I surround myself with people that do not bring out the best in me. That life is but a build up of days.

If I can’t change something, I change the relationship I have with it. If I can change a situation, I do.

I love you.

– Emma L. Baker

  • Debra B

    I’m in tears reading this, it’s touched me and triggered so many deep emotions. Thank you beautiful it is from feeling into these deep hidden emotions that my growth can continue. Love always

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