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With growth – comes progressive freedom.

When we start to step into our truth and we really start dealing with the things that once were “what if” questions. All sorts of things start to come up.

Who am I ?

What am I doing?

The direction I’m going in feels good, but it makes no sense to me considering it’s a different direction than what I was experiencing prior.

I know I’m growing but it is uncomfortable?!

These questions are all normal, as well as the feeling of amplifying the passion in your journey.

If you feel as though you start to feel resistance in your current circumstance, I want you to honour yourself. I found within my journey that the more I called attention to the changes and resisted them, the more I was resisting my truth of what I was put in this world to become.

Inner freedom is the most explosive feeling in the world – this comes from self love. The more one loves self, the more one allows the freedom of inner guidance and choice. Therefore – loves life and everything that surrounds it.

I loved my life but I didn’t love myself within my life. I loved the experiences I was having, however I didn’t love myself within the experiences. I gave all the credit to the people around me and the experiences I was having – giving thanks always.

But the ultimate power of fulfillment and experiences is within the honour and freedom of JOY within oneself. When you can acknowledge that it is YOU that has gotten

yourself within the experiences you can enjoy – you are feeling the feelings you are here to feel.

I never even knew the difference prior to self love, but MAN does it feel good to call the change within myself – valuing myself and my experiences.

The more I grew the more that the world around me started to change. With perception change – comes a different picture. Both within the way we see things and also the way we feel about current situations. This ultimately, every single time, IS a celebration.


Within this,  I want you to REALLY feel who you are. Not what you look like – that IS the vessel and yet – it deserves full celebration. However, to stop, breathe, smile … right now – for 1 minute. Feeling into your greatness. Feeling into the things you love about yourself internally. Feeling into what you bring to this world. Under the circumstances you have been through comes truth.

We know our truths and I am here to help you FEEL yours.


The truth is, you are perfectly YOU. You are everything you are meant to be right now. You are not your story.


You are that inner voice that knows how beautiful she is , you are the light in the world that deserves to be seen. You are the celebration in life and love in this world. You are capable of everything you acknowledge you can achieve.

The journey is one of celebration. In all processes of life there are wins and there are lessons – the lessons are a reflection of things we were called to move through but not be held back by. I want you to acknowledge your lessons, moving through them and deciding to paint a different picture for your life moving forward. “I am not my story – I am not my past – I am my truth and I am who I chose to be RIGHT now in this moment” Write it 10 times, say it in your head, even SCREAM IT if it feels good.


Release yourself from your story – from your past and from ANYTHING that is and has continued to hold you back. Release yourself from the insecurities that have capped you. That have stopped you. Release yourself from the picture you used to see in the mirror and allow yourself to see yourself for who you really are. That beautiful shiny, light of love. That picture of strength. The woman that moved through the struggles and is now a triumph for life.

Any picture that you have seen in the past and have continued to see – is a creation of the past circumstances. The only way that I will say – moving forward “I AM” is with personal empowerment. You ARE on the #noweekchallenge – you ARE on the journey of self celebration and inner health. You ARE everything you are meant to be. I have got you. Always.

  • Karen Kinnersley

    I am..Love you

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