Enjoy What You Eat and Christmas – Without the Guilt!

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When it comes to the Christmas holidays many people get guilty over what they eat and how much of it they consume. They tell themselves:

I have to make sure that I am only eating good foods and avoiding foods that are bad for

Well, this statement couldn’t be further from the truth, especially during the holiday season!

Being healthy is NOT all about eating “good” foods and avoiding “bad” foods. It’s about being happy and confident in the food choices that you have made! When people start a fitness journey they carry their own ideas about what food means. Food can mean many things to many people including:

  • fuel,
  • reward,
  • happiness
  • punishment,
  • escape,
  • shame,
  • freedom,
  • socialising
  • and many more

But the reality of the situation is that food is simply just information. Food is just a story that describes your daily life, your health, and your function. When food is thought if as information, there is no such thing as “good” food or “bad” food. There are only choices.

And the choice is the thing that is important over the Christmas period!!

You see, every time you choose to eat one thing over another, regardless of what it is, you’re choosing what’s really important to you right at that particular moment. You may not realise you are doing it, but every decision about food is a calculation. It expresses what really matters to you in that particular, unique, moment.

Choices weigh pros and cons. Choices express what’s important to us and choices have consequences, which we choose to accept.

So, with the holidays approaching us fast it’s time to ask yourself; what matters to you right now?

Is it…


  • Feeling good?
  • Connecting with loved ones?
  • Enjoying time with friends
  • Truly nourishing your body?
  • Feeding your soul?
  • Continuing your family traditions?
  • De-stressing after a busy day/week/year
  • Surviving a family get-together?

Regardless of what it is, the important thing is that you get to decide your priorities. And sometimes these priorities are more important for your overall wellbeing than just ‘eating properly’. You may find that if you focus too much on what you are eating then you miss outon the special moments that just don’t seem to occur enough on a day-to-day basis.

So the important thing over this time of year is to keep the holidays real. Enjoy your time with friends and family without feeling guilty, ashamed, anxious, or deprived. Treat the time for what it is, a chance to unwind after a big year and enjoy some celebration of everything you have done up to this point.

Because holiday foods taste great when enjoyed and shared with friends and family. It’s that simple!

So, below are some suggestions to help you enjoy your Christmas period and bot feel guilty about what you eat and when…

  • Enjoy some real food at Christmas. Or some other thing you enjoy but think are “off limits”. Just do it consciously. Mindfully. Joyfully. Appreciate it for what it is!
  • Instead of trying to eat as much as humanly possible as quickly as you can (and then feeling guilty), savour it. Taste the layers of flavour in whatever you choose to eat and try to extract every last one of them.
  • Stay present and checked in. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed of what you are eating.

Choose with purpose for the time, and once the Christmas period is over, choose again. Because, with the right approach you can enjoy food, connect with others, and maintain your health and fitness.

In the end, it is important to remember that what you eat during the Christmas period is not all about making the “right” choice for your ‘fitness goals’. Instead, it’s about making a choice that’s right for you at that particular moment in order to let you celebrate with friends, enjoy special moments with family and have happiness and joy over the holiday period!

And remember, this quote (courtesy of our friend Dave Nixon from FUNC Fitness) –

What you eat between Christmas and the New Year is nowhere near as important as what you eat between the New Year and Christmas!

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