Activity – Self Awareness of Food and How This Fuels our Body

 In Emotional, Environmental, Mental, Spiritual

WMR – #NOWEEKCHALLENGE self awareness of what we eat to fuel our bodies –

Raising the consciousness and guiding our internal health through trusting the process of feeling.

This is an incredibly important part of your journey! – Journal in daily as to how you feel at the end of the day – we want you to really reflect into these questions and every night – answer them; truthfully without judgement or guilt. The #noweekchallenge is a process and it is one big recipe of fulfilment long term along with physical transformation! Trust the WMR to guide you to your physical and psychological results – we are ready for it, are you?

Daily Journal 1  |  Daily Journal 2  |  Grocery List  |  Meal Journal

  • Debra B

    Love these, I have saved them and will print them at work, so I can make my journals and keep myself accountable. Thank you xx

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