Have you ever been OK?

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What is it you see when you look in the mirror?

Once upon a time in a mind so so far away I used to look in the mirror and place shame upon myself. You see I was so stuck – what I was looking at was anything I possibly could that would give me that ease of “keep pushing”, “keep changing” because for me it was what I was used to.

What happened fo me? When did it start for me to lose sight of my soul and only see the shape of my body? The lumps that I had? The way my hips draped over my thighs? What happened for me to see that as my symbol of worth.

The way I would get up daily, weigh myself and either set myself up for what I could relate the feeling to as “self preservation and love” or – ultimately losing my being within the numbers. Losing any confidence I had talked myself into within the past 12 hours that would inherit the same feelings again once done.

Why when I looked in the mirror did I not see my soul? Why did I place my beauty and worth on the physical parts of who I be? Considering I was in the rat race of wanting to be everything different other than who I was, deliberately (this would have me push harder to become that right? With my #grind outlook on life).. let’s be real- I was setting myself up for failure!

Well – I can’t tell you why, because I feel as though this falls under many life lessons as a by-product of what I became.

BUT I can tell you this, after finding me… peeling away all of the layers of what I once believed my value to be and NOW living a life that when I look in the mirror – my first move, always! Is to look into my own eyes.

I now see beauty. I see the woman that I am. I see a woman that regardless of whatever is thrown her way, she will never lose sight of just how beautiful she is.

I want you to promise me this: you will make a conscious effort to turn around what your cognitive thought pattern was, what your value of beauty has become and learn to look at yourself just as you be. Your beauty finally being measured from that beautiful woman- that has lived, Has learnt, has loved and will continue to do all she can to set herself up with the life she deserves..

The value that you will forever hold is from who you see staring back at you. Not the vessel that brings it alive.

You are so much more than a physical being.

You were created equally beautiful to every human on this planet! You are equally deserving of feeling it. You ARE everything you are meant to be, right now, gorgeous.

Your value is everything you be- not what you physically see.

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