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Never has the industry needed mindset more than it does now. Weight Management Revolution’s #noweekchallenge purpose is to help people transform their lives – mind, body and purpose.

With a main focus on self-love, mindset and re-training our thoughts towards everything we have ever known about weight loss, the #noweekchallenge is a movement that will help transcend your life into extreme results and falling in love with who you are all over again.

The Weight Management Revolution created the #noweekchallenge movement to help women around the globe see forever results, and keep them.

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Here at Weight Management Revolution we believe that mindset is 100% leading the way to your fulfillment. We are on this mission to enable you with the psychological tools to leading a life of happiness, feeling worthy and celebrating every part of the process. The bi-product of everything you become is you being the best you you can physically.



To go on this journey to physical health and to get the body you deserve is something that will always be a reward. This is for you, our intention within the #noweekchallenge is to support you – YOU are the change and we are the guidance and support to get you there. The difference is, if YOU transform YOU.. no one can ever take it away.



Our purpose is to be love in your world. To enable you not only to love yourself for everything you are but to give you the tools to nourish yourself psychologically and internally.. creating the bi-product of ultimate health.
Life is a journey.. being on the journey together is the ultimate reward.


Weight Management Revolution is proud to be presenting the first ever ICN Queensland Transformation Championships! Celebrate your transformation of anywhere between 60 days to 2 years up on stage!

No Week Challenge Testimonials

Paige Muenzel

While being with WMR I’ve had results! Weight loss, better skin, new friends, a HAPPIER me!! So many results, because I have learnt to love myself and accept myself. I don’t weigh myself very often because I know that the number on the scales does not define who I am at all, I know I… Read more “Paige Muenzel”

Kayla Daly

I feel like I have been shown the proper way to live my life again. Numbers on the scale mean nothing to me; how many times I exercise a week means nothing to me; what matters is the happiness I feel in my mind and my body.

Izzy Paino

Ever since joining the revolution my life has literally changed I see being healthy in such a different way, no more fad diets just being in a better mindset.

Rachel Gilbert

Surrounding myself with all this positivity has helped me be so much happier and helped me through lots of rough times, it has helped me keep motivated to be the best I can be for my husband & kids but most importantly ‘ME’. The ladies in the group near and far are all amazing as… Read more “Rachel Gilbert”

Lauren Deans

I’m not sure what happened or why but I saw an ad of Facebook for a personal trainer and I messaged her, this was the start of my journey for my body….but not my head! I managed to loose 10kg in 2016 because although I was working out I was still eating badly and drinking,… Read more “Lauren Deans”

Taylor Dennis

It’s come to my realisation that I personally can not do timed challenges…. Your fitness journey should not be something that has a time limit. I’ve found by not reaching my goals in those short weeks, that I beat myself up. I forget about how much progress I was able to make because it wasn’t… Read more “Taylor Dennis”

Jemma Delaney

So I’ve heard and have come to known many inspirational people, but recently I met someone who inspires me on a daily basis and is encouraging and going to help me every step of the way. In just one day the #noweekchallenge program is about to start and I’m super excited and cannot express this… Read more “Jemma Delaney”

Erin Potofsky

I am thrilled and so excited that Weight Management Revolution is finally available to women all over the world! In 2009 I began my own journey when I started training at a local gym and lost 40 lbs, but have spent the years since then being more unhappy, unfulfilled and insecure about my body than… Read more “Erin Potofsky”

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